Leveraging your data to enable you to deliver high quality products at the right value for your customers

The IMS Evolve IoT solution has been proven at scale in the world's leading food retailers for over a decade. Thousands of stores are actively managed and billions of data points are being used in real time to inform operational processes.

Utilising the IMS Evolve IoT Solution, we can tap into the available data locked within legacy machines. By integrating it with supply chain and merchandising systems as well as the fridge control systems in real time, not only can energy consumption be reduced, but a higher quality product can be achieved, resulting in a better customer experience.

In manufacturing and processing environments, consistency of both ingredients quantities and environmental factors can be regulated and the available data from each stage of the process united to ensure the highest quality, most profitable end product every time.

IMS Evolve delivers simplicity and consistency through one single view of the cold chain, with a pragmatic approach to reducing waste, assuring high quality produce for customers and continuing to deliver new benefits year after year.