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Cold Chain Solutions

Industry-leading applications with immediate and tangible value release

Free up valuable resource to focus on your customer

The IMS Evolve IoT solution gives you the choices that have previously not seemed possible due to complex legacy equipment and estates. We are uniquely positioned to help you realise immediate operational efficiencies and meet future industry challenges, as demonstrated by the tangible business outcomes we have driven for some of the world’s leading brands. 

The IMS Evolve IoT solution unites visibility and control, driving unrivalled enhancement of the store environment for customers and staff. IMS Evolve delivers simplicity and consistency through one single view of the cold chain, with a pragmatic approach to reducing waste, assuring high quality produce for customers and continuing to deliver new benefits year after year.

Business benefits

With the IMS Evolve IoT solution, food retailers can be a part of the solution to solving global food issues by reducing food waste and improving utilisation of environmental resources. In the process, retailers are also able to unlock tangible benefits for their business:

IMS Cold Chain Demo

Discover how our technology reduces waste, ensures food quality and improves logistics throughout the cold chain.

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