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With business growing rapidly, emerging into new markets and taking on new employees, the IMS Evolve Board recognised now as the opportune time to re-establish and re-launch our Core Company Values to the organisation.

The newly defined values are not to provide new ways of working, but to instead refine and reinforce how we already work, as well as an articulation of future aspirations. Highlighting the foundations of the values is imperative to encourage engagement, so to ensure employees identified a natural link we revisited and reengaged with why IMS exists, why we are passionate about what we do and what we couldn’t exist without.

The IMS Evolve strapline of 'Better Choices Made Possible' remains an inherent part of our organisation and was derived to represent our core business purpose: Everything we do as a business is to benefit the customer, whilst we work alongside them to help them achieve their core business purpose.

IMS was developed based on a belief that a software approach far outweighed the traditional hardware-based approach of the industry, whilst allowing for rapid improvements and the release of new benefits without large infrastructural investments; a fresh new approach. That is what we are here for. To drive, push, disrupt, innovate and find new ways to release value for our customers, and their customers alike.

Furthermore, we take time to understand what is important to our customers and develop and deploy our solutions to release that value. There is an absolute dedication to allowing better choices to be made possible.  

With this at the forefront, we encouraged employees to question how individual roles feed into this, and how this formulates the structure of everything we do. Through internal workshops, along with an acknowledgement of industry engagements and customer requirements, we identified and refined the four values that help us function:

Encourage Creativity, Nurture Yourself and Others, Demonstrate Mindfulness, Behave with Integrity.

These Values will underpin the growth and development of IMS Evolve, both internally and for our customers, whilst providing a framework for progression within the industry. We strive to create an internal environment that allows and encourages employees to actively live the values, in turn allowing us to live them for our customers. 

Ensuring values are embedded in business strategies is key to building and sustaining them into a company’s architecture. Values are for life, not just for the company report.