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We continue our series with another glimpse into the world of IMS Evolve: meet George Porter, Head of Productivity

George heads up the Evolve Productivity Services division at IMS, and his role predominantly consists of new sales and account management responsibilities. Aside from a gap year travelling around the world, George has been with the company for just over 17 years.

As part of the original pilot project of the first 10 monitored stores for a leading UK retailer, George started his journey in a call centre role, in which he actioned the alarms and events being generated by the stores. 

“I started as part of the refrigeration alarm management call centre, of which I was then made team leader after around 2 years. From there I went into a Junior Business Analyst role and then, as the business grew and evolved and we landed new business, I became a Junior Account Manager that was in line with my current key accounts including Cash Assets, Servicing and the global security organisation, G4S. I then naturally progressed to Senior Global Account Manager and 2 years ago, I became the Head of Division at IMS Evolve for Productivity Services.”

With dedicated software developers and regular engagement with other departments within the business such as reports authors and support staff, George and his team continue to develop and deploy a highly sophisticated and intelligent solution for their customers.

“To sum it up, it is ‘From asset to engineer, automated’. By applying real-time monitoring to this model, we can automate all the steps between identifying a fault with an asset to fixing that asset. If you look at servicing cash machines, ATMs and cash deposit machines for example, we intercept all of these fault messages and streamline the ‘fault to fix’ process. Historically (although some organisations still operate this way), there are call centres and manual processes in place to look at the data, decide who needs to undertake that work, and then schedule and deploy an engineer. With our solution, we automate every single step including the fault event capture, work order generation, dispatch, reporting and even invoicing. We have a highly sophisticated dispatch engine that analyses the engineers who are available to carry out that work based on their skillset, qualifications, GPS location from their smartphone and shift start and end times. All these factors and variables are analysed in real time to ensure that the first fix is achieved straight away, and productivity is maximised.”

George thoroughly enjoys meeting new customers and helping to identify the value that IMS Evolve’s proposition can add to their organisation.

“G4S, for example, is the world’s biggest security company, and I enjoy seeing how they do things differently across the various territories with the knowledge that our solutions will remain a good fit. I have customers across Europe and as far afield as Malaysia, and each of these accounts have required elements of bespoke implementation while retaining a standard core application. The IMS Evolve solution continues to be both agile and flexible enough to deliver these bespoke elements.”

As well as keeping fit, walking Buddy the Weimaraner with his wife and three daughters, and playing video games, George remains very focused on his role and continues to look for new ways to deliver value for his customers and the organisation.  

If you would like to talk to us about our IoT solutions or careers at IMS Evolve contact us on: +44 (0)1908 351000 or on email: