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We caught up with our US-based Business Analyst, Jacob Strode, to talk about his role in the IMS Evolve US team and mountain biking…

Jacob has been part of the IMS Evolve US team for the past year and a half. Working out of our Bentonville office, Jacob’s role involves analysing organisational and business domains to document their business, processes and systems, whilst maintaining engagement with the business’ stakeholders.

“In a nutshell, my role involves working with customers and internal teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of their needs. We document what they require from our software throughout its lifecycle, and analyse how the IMS Evolve application can deliver effective outcomes and solutions that are aligned with customer requirements.”

Although Jacob’s career path wasn’t a clear route to becoming a Business Analyst at IMS Evolve, a desire to improve customer experience became a personal driver for Jacob early on, which speaks directly to the IMS core purpose and makes him a perfect fit within the company.

“After graduating high school in Arkansas, I worked in a Walmart Store stocking shelves. Having that job straight out of school taught me the value and enjoyment in helping customers. I also learned a lot about Walmart systems and processes, which proved invaluable when I was approached to join what would become Walmart Technology, which was my first step into the world of retail technology.”

Initially supporting activities in the company’s contact centre, Jacob quickly rose through the ranks into a leadership role, where he oversaw and delivered training and mentoring to contact centre technicians. “I really thrived within Walmart Technology and learned to read complex pieces of data and understand issues, as well as learning how to help suppliers resolve issues.”

However, after six successful years, Jacob heard about a Business Analyst position at Walmart. 

“I began delving deep into the Business Analyst world, and this is when I realised what I wanted to do professionally; I applied for the interview and landed the role.”

Jacob thrived in his new position, working on everything from Pharmacy Systems to Ordering and Invoicing, and after four years he became certified professionally as a Business Analyst through Saint Louis University. It was around this time Jacob’s interest was piqued by the Business Analyst role at IMS Evolve.

“I was excited by the opportunity of being a hands-on Business Analyst for a company that sounded pretty remarkable. Throughout the interview, I kept picturing my future and where the road could lead to with IMS Evolve. There were so many possibilities and the technology is just so innovative.”

Working as part of a team at IMS Evolve US, Jacob says that his role is quite different from his previous experiences. “The role is definitely more complex. Not only am I a Business Analyst but I also support testing, sales engagements and our project management efforts. I really love coming into work every day and doing different things!”

Jacob also visits customers daily to understand their individual problems and how IMS Evolve can help further.

“Getting direct feedback from the customer is incredibly valuable and can really help our company to evolve to the next phase. I think that’s what I enjoy most about this role – the opportunity to meet a wider range of retailers and understand the retail world from a much broader perspective. I have now been with IMS Evolve for over a year and look forward to many more.”

Outside of work, Jacob is a keen outdoorsman.

“Anything to do with being outside in the fresh air with my family is what I love, but biking is my absolute favourite. My son and I go to this place call the Railyard where you can ride these intense mountain biking trails and catch air on some massive dirt jumps. We always have a blast.”