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Meet our new Marketing Assistant, Kate, who started working at IMS in April 2018 to support the marketing team as the business continues to grow on a global scale. 

“My role comprises of anything and everything that is thrown my way! I predominantly work closely with the Directors and sales team who often require presentations or marketing collateral, but other responsibilities include social media, content writing and internal communications. This means day-to-day the tasks are hugely varied and an adaption in the department’s approach and tone is needed to steer each project to the correct audience, which subsequently means there is always a huge amount to learn!”

Kate graduated in 2016 with a degree in Graphic Art and Design and completed a couple of design-related internships directly after.

“I reached a point where I felt that for so long, my whole world had revolved around graphic design and education, that I now needed a break to rediscover my love for it after the months of stress that the final year of University entails.

Therefore, I plunged into the world of retail and became a store Deputy Manager for a high-end fashion brand. Fashion was something I always had a love for and like many people, retail was familiar having worked in the industry part time since 16 throughout education.

Although I really enjoyed aspects of the role, such as merchandising and customer interaction, and the experience to manage provided invaluable and transferable skills, I was keen to return to where my passion really lies as soon as I felt ready.  Throughout my time in retail I continued to build a healthy portfolio through independent freelance projects to ensure I kept one foot in the door, and after just over a year, I felt ready to start the search for a permanent job in the industry – where I found the opportunity here at IMS!

I have really been enjoying how diverse the role is here, and how already, just four weeks in, I have learned so much and I know this will only continue. Every day is different and that makes coming to work exciting. Attending an awards ceremony after 4 weeks wasn’t too bad either!”

Kate supports Marketing and Communications Manager, Jasmine Sampson and they are already working efficiently and effectively together, which makes settling into a new role and environment that much easier.

“We have produced a vast amount of varied work so far, and have new, exciting ideas for the future to continue elevating the company’s marketing strategies. Most importantly, we both have different skill sets underpinned by very similar visions, which means our workflow is really efficient!”

Outside of the workplace, Kate indulges her passion for design.

“I fill my spare time now mainly in the gym, however, undeniably more so as a social aspect than a ‘keep fit’ one, and sometimes a drawing here and there.”

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