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The Christmas party dancing king chats to us about his day job as an IMS Senior Full Stack Developer.

Ravi has been with IMS for nearly five years now after starting his journey as a Senior Front End Developer back in 2018 – he has shone on the dance floor every Christmas party since! Ravi had many years of experience as a Front End Developer before joining IMS and has worked for numerous global organisations, two of which also happen to be customers of IMS Evolve.

In previous roles, Ravi’s focus was restricted to front end development only. Upon starting at IMS, Ravi was surprised – and excited – about the level of freedom that the business allowed for him to progress his understanding and expand his skillset. Ravi explains:

“I had never really had any exposure to back end before IMS. Now, I can explore and make decisions according to the requirements of the customers which often spans across all development disciplines. This has accelerated my understanding and has enabled me to make informed decisions to deliver exceptional standard for our customers.”

This flexibility, coupled with Ravi’s tenacity and desire to learn, meant that he was able to take the opportunity to master back end development too, which ultimately enabled him to progress to the position he holds now as a Senior Full Stack Developer.

So, what exactly is a Senior Full Stack Developer?

Put simply, a Full Stack Developer’s role goes beyond web development into creating, maintaining, and optimising systems and applications. A multifaceted set of skills and a broad range of development experience is crucial as they work on technologies across multiple domains, over both customer and server side, and between front-end and back-end developers. Ravi continues:

“The core function of my role is to develop applications alongside my team that answer and solve our customers challenges. As a Senior, I am also responsible for managing my team and their workload, answering queries, sharing my knowledge and ultimately, making my teams life easier so that they can be efficient and effective in their roles.

“My typical day consists of development, deployments, meetings, and team management!”

For Ravi though, it is this level of freedom and encouragement that he enjoys most about his role and working at IMS:

“The managers at IMS make me feel confident in expressing my view and ideas through my work to continually improve our software and our processes. The best part of my job is making things easier for my team to provide solutions to our customers problems and application challenges.”

However, Ravi’s management skills reach beyond just the job, as he loves planning road trips in his spare time – a tour around Europe is the next one!

 He also plays cricket and video games to relax and recharge, (and we are sure there MUST be some dance lessons thrown into his downtime too!)