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Following over two decades of ground- breaking work in the world of IoT software, we have become experts in digital transformation. Now, we’re sharing our very own transformation, and giving you the inside scoop on the remodelling of IMS Evolve HQ...

In this special edition of Inside IMS, we peel back the curtain to reveal the magic behind our IoT wonders. Today, we're not spilling the tea on a team member; instead, we're giving you the exclusive inside scoop on the transformation of our OG headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.
Our office was like that comfy sweater you've had for years—nostalgic, but maybe a little outdated...
With over two decades of ground-breaking work in the world of IoT software, and with a very different approach to working now than when we started, it was high time for a makeover. This is a (short) tale of innovation, flexibility, and a dash of futuristic flair!
Farewell, Dull Desks! 👋
We ditched the traditional office vibe faster than you can say byte me. The pandemic taught us that the old full time office routine is as outdated as dial-up internet. So, we shook things up to create a space that embraces our new flexible working model. But, working hard doesn't mean sacrificing comfort. Our breakout zones are like a warm hug for creativity, with sofas and bean bags for those lightbulb moments. These cosy and collaborative areas present our colleagues with a reason to leave their abodes and come to the office!  
From Drab to Fab 💅
Farewell, grey workstations and white walls! We've traded monotony for pops of vibrant colour and a consistent contemporary feel that evokes innovation. With sleek and stylish ergonomic hot desks scattered strategically like islands of productivity, the team has the flexibility to conquer tasks in style, and our array of new office plants life add a breath of fresh air to bring nature's zen to the hustle and bustle. Our HQ is now a tech oasis where ideas flow as freely as the coffee in our swanky new ‘coffee and chill’ area.
Why the Glow-Up Matters 🌟
For IMS, this isn't just a facelift; it's a reflection of our commitment to growth and unity. Our upgraded HQ symbolises our evolution as a business, supporting our team's diverse needs and wants, whilst fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and our culture can continue blossoming. This marks an exciting and revitalising time for IMS and our revamped HQ is ground zero for the action.
Stay tuned for more inside scoops on the magic happening behind those newly painted walls in the next instalment of Inside IMS. Until then, keep it cool, keep it connected, and keep it uniquely IMS! 🚀✨