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In this special edition of Inside IMS, we speak to our first recruit of the newly implemented Graduate Scheme, Sulaxchane Balachanthiran, and the brains behind the scheme itself, Stefano Blasco.

With almost a third of executives at large enterprises believing that a perceived lack of employee skill and understanding of IoT prevents businesses from exploiting new capabilities*, the IMS Evolve Graduate Scheme looks to address this challenge head on, instead opting to create the industry experts in-house. 

System Architect DevOps Manager, Stefano Blasco, is responsible for the infrastructural innovation of the system IMS Evolve uses to run its industry leading software. In addition, he heads up the System Design, Innovation and DevOps Team, which following global company growth required a Junior DevOps Engineer.

Stefano identified the refreshing potential the recruitment of Graduates presented; he recognised the unique opportunity to directly progress the candidate’s understanding of IoT within an innovative and dynamic team of industry experts, whilst advancing their skillset to assist company growth and concurrently integrate them into the business. 

‘During the initial recruitment process, it became clear there was a significant gap in the industry. The majority of applicants displayed a narrow skillset specialised during past employment, meaning full training would have been required, whilst also resulting in a loss of the broader view of the technology. However, at IMS Evolve what we need is a team with broad skillsets that can contribute to all aspects of the architectural design.  

‘Graduates present the opportunity to recruit University-level applicants with sound knowledge of IoT basics and provide them with the necessary training within a practical, working environment where we can impart our learned experience and expertise, whilst instilling company direction. It is a unique opportunity for both the individual and company to build an expert from the ground up.’

The scheme offers a permanent paid contract with autonomous study on-site. Mentoring and guidance from experienced professionals and a collaborative approach to learning will drive the successful candidate through continuous training, evaluation and evolution.

Sulaxchane became the first employee of the Graduate scheme in August 2018, following completion of a three-year Network Engineering Degree at Northampton University. The diverse, multi-disciplinary approach of the Scheme, and the focus on continued learning inspired Sulaxchane to apply for the role. 

‘In any career where technology is prevalent, you can’t afford to not learn. We have to continually progress our knowledge in order to stay ahead, and the scheme at IMS is based on that principle, which really drew me to this particular role. I am currently working on projects set by Stefano that are challenging my skill set and already I can see a change in the way I think and approach tasks – I am becoming a master problem solver with some of the challenging projects set!

‘The structure of the Scheme is helping me to apply what I learned throughout University, and is developing my understanding of the why, alongside the how. Being in the open-plan office, surrounded by other departments, is providing context behind my learnings, and I am really enjoying being in such a collaborative environment.’ 

Stefano plans to recruit another Graduate to further expand his team, however the premise of the Scheme is transferable across all departments within the company.

‘Hiring keen and enthusiastic graduates who are ready to embrace, learn and progress, presents an exciting solution to the industry skillset challenge. The Scheme will assist IMS Evolves’ industry advancement, whilst providing a solid platform for the individual and their future career.’

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