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Shining the Spotlight on IMS Evolve's Video Maestro; meet our Development Support Officer. 

With a surprising flair for videography and editing, we cast this episodes spotlight on Yusuf Dervish, our Development Support Officer. His unwavering dedication, technical expertise, and passion for problem-solving means that Yusuf not only plays a crucial role in ensuring our customers receive the highest level of ongoing service and support, but he also sprinkles a touch of magic through his captivating editing skills on some of our content – as you may have seen in our latest LinkedIn post! From driving customer satisfaction and supporting his team Monday to Friday, to playing guitar in a kid’s metal band on the weekends, we look at IMS through the eyes – and lens – of Yusuf in this latest blog. 

Yusuf joined the vibrant IMS family back in 2015 as a Technical Author eager to continue advancing his career while nurturing his own growing family. From the offset he made a significant impact by sourcing and integrating a new technical authoring platform and over the next few years, Yusuf honed his technical authoring skills and delved into other coding languages to continue expanding his skillset and expertise. 

Driven by his curiosity and desire to grow, and supported by IMS who recognised his potential and dedication, in 2020 Yusuf stepped into a new role as Development Support Officer. In this role he supports the Software Development Manager in managing a team of Data Analysts and Technical Authors, and the role has presented new opportunities to explore his growing interest in project management. 

“I felt myself craving a new challenge away from technical authoring, and project management was always something I had been intrigued by. IMS gave me the opportunity to pursue this avenue and I have since become more involved with the management of upcoming projects and day-to-day workloads.” 

“This role also has a lot more responsibility as I have a whole team that rely on me for support and motivation. Generally, my day begins with a team check in where I can get an understanding of what is on the agenda for everyone. We also have regular 1-2-1 meetings throughout the week to discuss any challenges, progression, and development.” 

This shift in responsibility highlights Yusuf's growth as a leader and his commitment to fostering a positive work environment and supporting his team’s professional growth.  

“I think the key to effective support in the team is communication. It’s so important to listen and strive to understand the goals of each individual both professionally and personally. It’s then about understanding how we can apply that to the IMS business and the needs of our customers.” 

The work both Yusuf and his team does directly impacts the satisfaction of our customers. Effective technical authoring ensures that our partners and customers have a comprehensive understanding of our systems, and our data analyst team extracts and structures complex and noisy data sets in order to present the customer with critical information about their connected machines, such as asset performance and energy data. By ensuring the above is delivered effectively and in a timely and proactive manner, Yusuf builds the important foundations of a positive customer experience. 

Yusuf thrives on problem-solving and relishes the opportunity to tackle unprecedented issues alongside his team. Together, they work tirelessly to achieve outcomes that meet and exceed customer expectations. He says: “There are always new challenges that are out of the ordinary; things I have never seen or done before nor has IMS, and as a team, we must figure out how to achieve the outcome the customer is looking for.” The thrill of overcoming obstacles and delivering exceptional results is a part of the role that Yusuf finds most rewarding. 

Moreover, Yusuf says that the people he collaborates with every day are the ones who make his work environment supportive and inspiring, and they are the main reason he looks forward to going to work. IMS’s dedication to fostering new ideas and encouraging creativity adds to his enthusiasm for both his role and the company. 

As a father of two young boys (who are growing up fast!), Yusuf’s personal life is as nurturing as his work one, and he endeavours to spend as much time making memories with his children as possible. You would think that would be enough on his plate, but Yusuf also plays the guitar in a kid’s metal band that introduces children to the world of metal music, and he is part of a local charity in Milton Keynes, Ride 2 Give, that supports families who are in financial hardship, have disabilities or sever illness, or suffer from mental or physical illness. As if the list of his extra curriculum wasn’t long enough already, alongside all of this, over the past few years Yusuf has been busy nurturing a new skill; videography and editing, which he has put to good use for personal projects, for the Ride 2 Give charity, and of course, for IMS!  

How Yusuf juggles all this we don’t know, but we do know we are proud to have him as part of our IMS family! 

For more information about Ride 2 Give, visit their website here.