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We are proud to announce Intel® has named IMS Evolve as a Market Ready Solution, as we continue to deliver tangible business value and rapid ROI for some of the world’s largest retailers.

The new Intel® title hasn’t gone unnoticed by the media, with the news featuring in the likes of Business Computing World and IT Supply Chain. IMS Evolve’s Cold Chain solution delivers immediate, tangible value release to our customers, and Intel® concluded our IoT technology met the strict approval criteria to become a named Market Ready Solution.

The announcement has benchmarked IMS as a leading and trusted provider of machine integration and event management, with a Cold Chain solution that allows food retailers to leverage actionable data and insights from existing infrastructure and systems.

Utilising Intel® processors and Dell Edge Gateways, our solution delivers clarity and consistency through a single consolidated integration layer, with a pragmatic approach to reducing waste and unlocking valuable insights within the Cold Chain. The approach delivers a higher quality product and an improved customer experience, whilst enabling retailers to enhance their brand, realise value quickly and save money.

Through a proven and repeatable architecture that has already been deployed across thousands of locations, hundreds of thousands of machines, across some of the world’s largest businesses, our solution has already delivered unprecedented, measurable value for our customers.

For a leading British supermarket, the implementation of our solution has led to a 49% reduction in stock loss and 40% reduction in reactive maintenance calls driven by condition-based maintenance, resulting in 15-20% overall cost savings. Furthermore, the solution achieved 99.98% critical asset availability and a 30% reduction in customer complaints.

IMS Evolve has greatly benefited from being a part of the Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution Program; from accelerating the design and deployment of intelligent devices and analytics with our customers to supporting the continuous innovation, evolution, and delivery of our solution. As an affiliate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, we are proud to be in great company of over 400 selected organisations that provide scalable, interoperable solutions to accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics.  

For more information on how IMS Evolve is transforming the cold chain as part of the  Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, please visit: